Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Paranormal Geeks Radio Tonight!

Tonight launches the new Paranormal Geeks Radio with host Jim Heater.
It's on at this link
9 pm EST/8 pm Central/7 pm Mountain/6 pm Pacific
Call in number 646-378-0275

For this opening show, Julie and I will be the guests and giving away a signed copy of "Paranormal Geeks" book to one lucky person in the chatroom.

Opening music is provided by Jonathan Berman and his album "I Fall Awake."

The thrust of the show is to get a very wide range of paranormal experts and a great conversation going about all things PG (paranormal geek).  Jim Heather, the talented host and leader of the fantastic Illinois group, CHiPS and Spirits of Lincoln, will be probing the minds of a huge variety of paranormal experts. We hope to create unity within the paranormal field so there is no elitism, but only curiosity. If you were into ghosts before, bring on-board ancient aliens or psychics, cryptids or UFOs, and zombies. Don't be afraid to let your mind open even further!  

In upcoming weeks, here's the lineup (be sure to follow it at this blog)-
February 5th: Christopher Booth (paranormal documentary/show producer)
February 12: Marla Frees (psychic medium)
February 19: Jim Vieira (expert on ancient burial mounds/ancient giants)
February 26: David Lowery (paranormal highwayman)
March 5Sandra Wells (author, spirit medium)
March 12: MK Davis (video expert best known for being the first to stabilize the Patterson-Gimlin film)
March 19: Ben Hansen (you know him from Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files show. Ben has been and continues to be a serious paranormal investigator)
March 26: Maria D. Jones (author of PSIence and other fantastic books involving science and the paranormal)
April 2: Paul Kimball (Canada's leading paranormal and UFO specialist)
April 9: Lauren Lawrence (dream decoder) 
April 16: Kathleen Marden (expert on UFO abductions and expert on the Betty and Barney Hill case) 
April 23:  Linda Godfrey (expert on Dogman)
April 30: Jeff Mudgett  (talented author of "Bloodstains" He inherited his great-great grandfather's journals, one of the most notorious killers, Jack the Ripper.)

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