Parallel Universes

The field of quantum physics has brought forth many theories about multiverses or parallel universes. Some hypothesize that at any given moment, when you decide to get up to get something to eat, another version of you that decides to stay seated splits into a new universe. It's an interesting option. You are still cognizant whichever option you choose, you just aren't cognizant of what happened to the version of you that did the other task.

The concept of destiny and deja vu come to mind when talking about multiverses. It is entirely possible that in an alternate destiny, a tiny pathway of connection remains in which you recall being somewhere that in this universe you never visited, but perhaps the "you" that did take that trip to Nagshead Beach, did experience the white sands.

Many of us in the field of paranormal research have to add onto this concept the ones we observe, that for fleeting moments we see and hear bits of history and sights that shouldn't be here in our world. Is is possible we too haunt their worlds as well?  The explanation for ghostly activity and even Bigfoot and aliens have all been connected at one point or another with the concept of other dimensions or universes and some kind of cross travel or bleed through.

Right now, I sit and type this post, staring at the 2-dimensional words on a computer screen. I exist in a universe with 2-dimensional planes, but I myself cannot enter it and it cannot enter mine. We are both missing an element to conceptualize the other, but yet we are sharing a space. It is almost certain that we share this universe with other dimensions that are all around us and that we do not have the senses to perceive.

The most intriguing case for this is near-death experiences. This amazing incidents are recalled by the voyager in great detail, but having difficulty explaining how there were colors that don't exist, that knowledge was all at once, and everything was connected. All they can report is that, coming back to this dimension, it seemed like a fake world compared to the real one. This is much how a photograph would feel if he could enter the third dimension and be part of this entangled world with depth. Going back to his 2-D would irritate him, as he knows how much "more" there is out there.

Are there other parallel universes? I would say most definitely. The question is, how does someone in this one communicate with someone in the other and would either of us recognize the signs if we saw them?  I leave that task to physicists working to understand these concepts and find ways to put them to the test. In the mean time, I contemplate the possibilities with eager enthusiasm.