Nature Oddities Explained

Death Valley Moving Rocks 

The mystery of the Death Valley rocks that seem to move on their own is solved. An interesting set of circumstances involving water.

Gravity Hills

An optical illusion, gravity hills can be a real mind f@#k!

Ball Lightning

These spheres can be pea-sized to several meters across. This infrequent phenomena is a hard one to pinpoint. It's been known to move around, explode, and leave the scent of ozone. With them occurring simultaneously with storms, it is believed to be a discharge of some kind. This is reminiscent of the jets and sprites pilots found up in high altitudes above storm clouds. So far, some experiments have shown promise, but still almost impossible to study since they aren't so common as to be able to go to a place and know you'll run into them.

There are a lot more mysteries that are unanswered than answered, so let's continue on with the research. I know I love the unknown!