Lesser Known Geoglyphs

Cerne Abbas is not some kind of Photoshopped joke. He's real! And he's REALLY BIG!  This huge chalk filled glyph is found in Dorset England and meant to be a (duh) fertility symbol.  This 180-foot naked figure is a popular tourist stop but it also is considered lucky to sleep upon it if you want to get pregnant. (Did anyone explain the procreation process?) It was constructed in perhaps the mid 17th Century. 

Blythe Intaglios are found in California near the border with Arizona.  Unlike the chalk drawing in England, these were made by scraping away the dark surface rocks to expose the hard dried stratum below.  They could be as old as 10,000 years. They are 18 to 171 feet long and created by the ancient Mojave or Quechan Indians.

Marree Man in Australia. It is on forbidden native territory and not able to be examined, but it is reported as being dug 20-30 cm deep and 35 meters wide. It was discovered in 1998 by a charter pilot.  For some reason, anonymous tipsters have pointed out Americans must have made it.  I guess in our downtime from protecting the world and sending aid to struggling countries, we like to make glyphs in places no one will find them??? Well, this mystery continues but the majority believe it had to be newly made, even though the stance and holding technique for the boomerang hints at aborigine posture. I'm just kind of curious because if the aborigines aren't letting people on there and it looks authentic, maybe the artists were natives hoping to leave a commemorative piece? Just saying...

What I find most interesting about geoglyphs is, like pyramids, they were made all over the world. Now, as a kid, I made huge shapes with footprints in a field of snow, but I did it for passing airplanes. Still, even though ancient man didn't have an aerial perspective, if he leaned over and drew with a stick in the sand, he had a perspective from above and if he wanted to talk to his gods and ask for more food or fertility, well, he better do it on a bigger scale so gods could see it from the stars. 



  1. And in Kansas, as well... http://strangestate.blogspot.com/2011/11/stone-giants-among-men.html


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