Haunted Objects

Although it's a romantic notion that the dead are attached to their belongings and remain with them as they go from family member to family member's home, as a psychometrist, I can tell you that souls do not attach to objects, but memories and energies do.

It is entirely possible to use an object as a touchstone to contact the dead and these can be utilized in seances and EVP sessions to create a focus for the loved one.

Many people attribute strange happenings, bad mojo and ghostly activity with the acquisition of antiques, family mementos and other aged items, but I can assure you that a ghost did not attach itself to the object and walk into your home with it. Objects hold energies, good and bad, unsettling and spastic. When these are placed into a home where there are other objects or conditions that also present a haunted situation, more disruption can occur.

If activity starts up, I always say to go backwards. Remove the newest acquisition and place it away from the other objects. If all activity stops, then it was the combination of that object with those items.

What happens is this. Positive energy can be zen-like and meditative or it can be high energy and puppy dog happy. Both are positive, but very different kinds of positive. When you combine them a battle "emotional frequencies" can occur. You end up creating something brand new by having them together when apart they were vastly different. Very much like personalities in a group working on a project where two members keep going at each other because one is a leader and one is arrogant and self absorbed.

It doesn't mean you have a negative energy when these things happen, it simply means you have a clashing of the wills. You will often notice a bad mix of items when no one wants to sit in that area or spend time there or family arguments to occur in that spot. It is time to think about performing a little isolation of one of the objects until you find out who doesn't play nicely with the others. This does not mean the object must go. It could be a very positive energy, but just doesn't jive with the other energy in the other objects. Move it on to its own place. Chances are you have a perky item and this is ideal in a home office or study area.

As odd as this sounds, you can homogenize an energy by parking it next to conflicting energy objects for long periods of time and then it will quiet down and adapt to the consensus. I have done this before with family heirlooms from people who either wore them when they were in chronic pain or personalities that weren't so pleasant. I would store the item with happy memory items that I had worn as a child growing up and within anywhere from 3 months to a year, it can take on the energy of the other objects.

I hope this clarifies mysteries surrounding the concept of haunted objects. When it comes to the paranormal, we can't just accept popularly passed on beliefs like "souls can attach to objects" and not question it.  What we can do is find those who might shed insight and clarify the assumption and shed new light on it. I hope that's what I've done here.