Ghost Adventures Drinking Game!

Tonight on "Ghost Adventures" on Travel Channel, we have Zak and the Boyz heading to Wyoming Frontier Prison where it's believed there are 200 angry and enraged spirits.  We do know how much Zakky baby loves his prisons, so this is gonna be good!

"Lonely Day" by System of a Down

Drinking Game Rules:
1. Stay home.
2. Have a sip for every "bro," "dude," "man," every time Zak thinks he was touched by a ghost and every time Aaron's mouth drops open in horror.

The drink tonight?
I'm going for a winter ale!


  1. Everytime i see the drinking game on my blog roll i get so jealous. I wish i could watch this show and most importantly play the game!!We do not have cool shows like that! I am going to download criminal minds though, watch it alone and frick myself out with a grilled cheese sandwich!


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