Sunday, January 27, 2013

Finding Bigfoot Tonight on Animal Planet

Tonight's episode I'm very excited about. I have family in West Virginia and had an experience there on a preserve that has me determined to go back this summer and check it out again. I even found some highly unusual stick structures.

The preserve was so filled with deer and wild turkey that the roadway up was plugged with them. The entire mountain had tons of caves and lakes and streams. It was a wonderland with extremely few visitors. Relatives have told stories of Bigfoot encounters there and a relative when I was a kid, left out food on a tree stump near the woods for the "white bear man" described as looking like a bear, walking like a man.  In several decades of visiting the area, not a thing has changed. West Virginia has to be a destination to go through it. People don't use it as a thru-way, so it remains very unchanged and very untouched and positively ideal for BF.

Expect my review of the show tomorrow morning on the blog and all the best lines of the show. Perhaps I will have a new meme to share. :-)

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