Finding Bigfoot Reviewed

The team followed a 1962 film of Bigfoot (predating the Patterson-Gimlin film by 5 years!) For some reason, it hadn't been out there in the public eye. The footage showed what looked like a BF in the snow, hopping from rock to rock to possibly hide its footprints, but if it were a human that behavior would not be unusual either in the snow. A witness came along to talk about it. His family sat on the film that his father had kept for 50 years and not shared. He is finally releasing it. Bobo was able to jump from rock to rock like the Bigfoot. They are torn about it. It could be human. It could be Bigfoot. They decided to stay the night and see if it's squatchy, but the location didn't yield anything.

Best lines of the show:
Bobo:  This is gonna be epic...This is the rocky mountains, they're made of rocks.
Bobo:  I'm pretty squatchy baby.
Matt: I don't know who is into the girl scouts singing more, the girls scouts or Bobo.
Bobo:  Time to bring out the A game (gargle, belch, scream)

The team went to a town hall meeting and Matt stayed in a wildlife refuge. They pursued some interesting witnesses that were compelling. I'm not sure what they did with the girl scouts. Did they leave them in the woods? The canyons caused echoing and so sounds were hard to determine. They didn't find any compelling evidence, but they found some good conditions for BF to thrive.

I'm thrilled that next week they're heading to Wessie Ginnie (West Virginia). Julie and I plan to go to a site there in May where I had what I believe was an encounter in a nature preserve. (photograph below)  They used Girl Scout screams to bait BF.