Changing the World: Energy Alternatives

I had a promise to myself that I would not die until a few things were met about the world -
1. Women make the same as men.
2. Zero population growth.
3. No more dependence on fossil fuels.

There are actually some amazing innovations, some of them already producing fuel being used, like JBI making fuel from plastics. The implications are amazing when you consider the landfill plastics and the enormous floating islands of it in our oceans. Taking plastic and making it to fuel - amazing! This isn't apparently some new-age amazing concept, but they are taking in plastic and making fuels for companies already and, no doubt, growing rapidly!  And, if this isn't an amazing enough process, the fuel is ultra low sulfur.

How about a renewable fuel source? Algae to fuel. We have some sites here in AZ working with this. Algae grows rapidly especially in our warm location. -

How about hydra-power? We have generators from Niagra and waterways around the country, but how about using the ocean's constant tide?

We hear a lot about wind and sun for power, but I'm really excited about these other options that are constant, renewable, and actually providing proof they work. If I can know that the world is losing the toxic plastics that have entered our earth, BPAs that often end up in our children passed on through the placenta--and make it into a low sulfur fuel, if we can make fuel from algae and utilize the ocean to perhaps power seaside cities, we are learning how to SUSTAIN our world.

That is the answer for 2013 and onward!


  1. You know algae is already being used as a fuel for airplanes, bobbing ducks float on water around our seas to produce electricity as well.Plastics are oil based so naturally lend themselves to fuel based products. PS Best wishes for the new year, john..

    1. I am thrilled to see people taking what we have and working with it. We are so linear in our thinking sometimes that an object or energy comes in only one form and only one outcome. John, I hope you have a glorious 2013.


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