Akashic Records

(Wikipedia) The akashic records (akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning "sky", "space" or "aether") is a term used in theosophy (and Anthroposophy) to describe a compendium of mystical knowledge encoded in a non-physical plane of existence. These records are described as containing all knowledge of human experience and the history of the cosmos. They are metaphorically described as a library; other analogies commonly found in discourse on the subject include a "universal supercomputer" and the "Mind of God". People who describe the records assert that they are constantly updated automatically and that they can be accessed through astral projection[1] or when someone is placed under deep hypnosis. The concept was popularized in the theosophical movements of the 19th century and is derived from Hindu philosophy of Samkhya. It is promulgated in the Samkhya philosophy that the Akashic records are automatically recorded in the atoms of akasha (the equivalent of what Aristotle called "aether"), one of the five types of atoms visualized as existing in the atomic theory of Ancient India, called Mahabhuta. In Buddhism it is taught one reason that people knew Gautama Buddha had attained enlightenment as a Buddha was because he was able to remember all of the details of all of his past lives by accessing them on the akashic records. The term akashic records is frequently used in New Age discourse.

Some people refer to the Akashic records as the universal information that is out there and accessed by people like Edgar Cayce and perhaps Nostradamus and other psychics and prophets. It is a very visual way for us to imagine free floating information, as if everything that ever was and ever will be in the universe are around us all the time, but tuning into them is not a consistent process unless you've developed psychic talents or astral projection capabilities.

Have you ever been driving down the road and suddenly get a deep shiver and goosebumps for not reason at all? You look around you and realize that there is nothing to have set it off, but some stimulus had to exist. How about deja vu? There's a sensation we all get, but why? Why is something so familiar that if we concentrate on it, we can actually predict what to do next based on a sense of having happened before?

When I do a psychic read, it goes something like this:

I take the object, usually with my left hand and hold it. I then, take my focus from the here and now and shift my eyes to the right and slightly downward, sometimes searching around the area until my eyes lock onto the "tuning" of this item by staring at a very specific place in the 3-dimensional world around me, a kind of invisible grid or filing system. It's a sense of familiarity, like when you put your fingers on your keyboard and know where the "w" is without looking.

Being logic-minded and highly skeptical, it can be very tough for me to settle how I inherently know things I shouldn't know by the usual means we acquire information, by reading, watching, doing... The Akashic records, as extraordinary a concept as they are, actually fits very neatly into the senses I get when I do a psychic read. I feel as if I am opening information that is free floating in the environment around me in a dimensional plane that is not necessarily this 3-dimensional realm we know. I am taking it into my 3-dimensional realm and making sense of it. In a way, I am an interpreter like a language interpreter might be for a Russian and a Brit trying to carry on a conversation.

I'm not a believer in the existence of time and so being a psychic, I do understand that there is no "now and then," but more like a series of events that occur throughout our civilization and they are neither past or present but "done" deals. When I get a psychic read about the future, clairvoyance, I feel it in my body and mind to be "already happened and fact" even if it will not occur until tomorrow.

Psychics? We are simply radios with a fine tuner compared to a broad band sweep. The broad band sweep might have caught the goosebumps out of the blue or the deja vu, but us fine tuners, well, we get the details, locking onto the exact station and some of its content.

I absolutely believe in the Akashic records in that all past, present and future knowledge is in the universe simultaneously, just accessible occasionally by those of us who understand things aren't linear but coexisting.  In fact, people that have reported past life experiences and reincarnation are easily explained as having accessed the Akashic records serendipitously. One thing I know as a psychic is that you see it as if you lived it, so it would seem like it was your own life when you do a reading, even though it's actually an interpretive process.

I would love to hear your take on Akashic records. It is a subject I've been very much into since I first learned of Edgar Cayce and his readings. I feel an enormous kinship with the man and what a finely tuned vessel he was.


  1. Too wild, Sharon, the similarities in your & my experience. Your moving your eyes to the right & down as you fine tune for a psychometric reading dovetails with my orbits moving that way when I had had an encounter with a towering 10 foot plus Fae woman … well, she seemed like a female … who then 'broke apart' into a giant triskélè, you know, that ancient triple spiral symbol seen carved as petroglyphs all throughout the Celtic nations, when I trained my gaze back on her. There must be something to that. And your mention of America's sleeping prophet, Edgar Cayce. I began to read his work on Atlantis at nine years of age. His insights, I swear, helped me to remember that I had been one of the Sons of the Law of One, who helped the Things who were just coming into manifestation, to become more human & less bestial. The Akasha is, indeed, a very real substance. I say substance, not dimension, because I think that those of us who are on the same frequency as it can read it just as easily as any other characteristic in Nature. Hey, it just comes with the territory. Ghosts that I've seen look as though they're just as flesh & blood as any living person. Not so of the Fae. I wish, though, that I could read the Akasha better than I can now. Thanks so much for doing this piece. Looking forwards to what other people have to say, too. You totally rock, starry sister.

  2. I truly believe the world is like a book which can be read by the eyes of the trained. We are not just physical beings, but our substance lies in code. These psychic exercises you describe furnish a language to read other planes of information. I've often told people we do not see the future but rather have a larger view of the present, just as someone on a very high building is able to see a far off vehicle more easily than someone at ground level. Other names for the Akashic Records are perhaps the Book of Life and the Tablets of Destiny. Definitely a supercomputer.

  3. This is a subject I, too, have had great interest in throughout my life. I have studied Edgar Cayce thoroughly. The concept is something that can be found in any other traditions under different names. He was a great prophet.
    Personally, I have never "accessed" the records consciously or with intent. I have had many deja vu experiences throughout my life. I do feel that this phenomena is, in fact, a result of accessing the Akashic Records. In childhood I experienced this at greater frequency than as an adult. I refer to it as a "glimpse". I would love to learn to access the records more consciously.
    I received a reading some years ago. I can tell you it was the most accurate reading I have ever had. The reading I received was a "Soul's Purpose" reading and it basically looked at the Records to determine what one's purpose in their present life might be and what sort of career, job, hobby and the like one could undertake to fulfill said purpose. The readers who did this for me performed just like Cayce: the psychic was lying down and in the trance state while his lady friend dictated the questions and guided the reading. They recorded the sessions on tape.
    Now, I received this reading from a friend who was friends with the people doing the reading. I had never met them and my friend who got the reading for me had only known me for about a month. So, a lot of the info divulged in the reading could not have possibly been known by anyone but me.
    Right from the start he explained how I liked to write letters and write in general when it comes to expressing myself and communicating with others. (Dead on bull's eye! And anyone who is friends with me, especially on Facebook, can attest to my apparent joy of writing when communicating, just like in this comment.)He went on to explain that I needed to pursue this by getting into publishing and expressing my thoughts and ideas via writing. Another major hit he made was when he described my fascination with flight and how I liked to sit outside and watch the sky, birds, planes and clouds flying around. Now, this got to me because this is something NO ONE knew but me! I almost always do it in secret, and even if someone sees me they would probably just think I was stoned and staring off into space, or something like that. What I am actually doing is something similar to Tibetan Skygazing.
    According to the reading, I was part of the Atlantean people during the break up of the island/continent, and I was part of the group that made our way to Asia and began civilization over there. I apparently spent many lifetimes in Asia. Also, he claimed I have spent most of my lives as a philosopher and scholar. I don't doubt that one bit, nor would anyone who knows me. I am an old soul, it seems.

    From the people I have talked to and from the research I have done, the manner in which a person experiences the Records can be categorized. One might experience it as though they were living it, as you describe. One may actually go into a library and read books with the info. One may see the records like a movie; others get dictation from their guides or from the guardians; it may come as feelings and intuition; and some find themselves in an office full of filing cabinets reading files with the info.
    Another interesting aspect is the guardian(s). Some claim that there are spiritual entities that guard the records and often act like "librarians". This is possibly just a manifestation of these individuals who experience it that way in order for them to understand it more fully or get more out of the experience.

    I will leave it at that. Sorry for the length. It is a subject I enjoy a great deal.

  4. Edgar Cayce said that Imagination are the eyes of the Soul and that if you are imaginative then you're inherently intuitive, so it is my postulate that when you use your Imagination/Intuition at any given time in your daily life you're accessing the Akashic Records/Book of Life/Book of Remembrance.


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