Thursday, December 27, 2012

Victorian Horror Art & Curios

When my son and his fiancee got me this poster for Christmas, I fell madly in love with the art. Then, I went online and found Madam Talbot's Victorian Lowbrow site and fell madly in love all over again!

I have never ever seen a site like this and I bookmarked it immediately for items for me and for my friends. There are tons of buttons that take you to everything from sideshow carnival themes to tattoos, mourning dolls to curios. If you like the show "Oddities," this makes it possible to have that stuff yourself!

This is serious art and a serious artist - Madame Talbot is a purist when it comes to creating her Framed Curio Exhibits in that she makes certain to utilize items that are not gaffs or reproductions i.e. a real human heart, a real human brain, a real human skull, etc. She sews everything by hand using only a needle and thread. Madame Talbot has created many different types of framed curios over the years, using vintage velvets, brocades, lace and antique buttons, her themes always being dark vintage and creepy Victorian.

She does not enlist the use of any "helpers" or machine assistance; hers is purely a solitary creative adventure where you can be absolutely certain that one-of-a-kind item was made entirely by Madame Talbot from start to completion.

I knew that my readers would really delight in this site, so go there and check it out!

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