Saturday, December 1, 2012

Stone Structures and Giants With Double Rows of Teeth

This is an intriguing lecture by Jim Vieria and the remains of giant bones with double rows of teeth have been reported a great deal in the historic annals. That they keep finding 8-foot tall skeletons with double rows of teeth is not a coincidence. It appears to lead to a conclusion - that in ancient America, the Native Americans lived alongside a tribe of giants. Want to guess who? 


  1. i always loved giants i dont know why.
    i went by to see your response to my comment about your hair expecting to see how you shaped your curles and it was all just natural. cool. i never know what to do with mine. have a wonderful weekend.

    1. I know curls haven't been in style for a very long time, but I never adhere to fashion. My hair curls on its own. I don't fight nature. I agree with you giants. I am fascinated!