Review of Finding Bigfoot

**This may be a really crappy review and the only excuse is that I have food poisoning or a stomach flu and I was very very ill when I wrote this. **

Best lines of the episode
Bobo:  Arizona is way squatchier than I imagined.
Bobo:  I'll be some fresh meat for them.
Bobo: Here you go big fella (leaving an apple), no strings attached.

That was so totally a person and not a squatch in that ice chest.  The other witnesses sounded very credible.  The man and his son did not have a story that anyone would ever construct. It was just so unusual and novel and perplexing. They still seemed perplexed by it. It appeared to show 2 Bigfoot went by their camp and not one.  The boy witnessed seemed very legit. It also makes sense to me. A BF would hear that basketball dribbling sounds and wonder about the noise, go and check it out, perhaps be a bit fascinated by what the kid is doing.  They did get some awesome calls and crazy sounds when Cliff camped alone. They got rock clanking. Still, nothing terribly thrilling. Matt had an encounter there years ago and he knows BF is there. Well, so do the citizens.

BTW, Julie and I were at the town hall meeting and you could see the top of my head in one shot and a bit of her pink sweater in another shot. I'm bummed they didn't use another more credible witness than the cooler dude, but I was pleased they realized how valuable AZ is for BF'ery.