Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Paranormal-Themed Gift Collections Under $30 Including Wrapping

I am the queen of themed gifts. I can take a theme, like ginger or camping and make an entire gift bag filled with themed goodies for cheap. It is a fun way of telling someone you love "I get your uniqueness." With the release of Julie and I's book "Paranormal Geeks" and the opening of our Paranormal Geeks shop, those items alone will give you plenty of items to add to a themed gift, but here's some other basics including the gift container to consider for the paranormal geek in your life.

"I ain't afraid of no ghosts" button for $5 
"Ghost" by Katherine Ramsland (book) for $4
 Ghost Busters Tri-Fold wallet with chain $15.79
(container to put gift in) Jack O'Lantern Halloween bag $4.95

Feng Shui-theme
(book) "Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life" $9.60
Hanging coins for wealth and success $3.25
Feng Shui Incense $4.10 
(to put gift in) Celtic Knot Canvas Bag $7.16

"Harry and the Hendersons" DVD $4.99
Squatch with sunglasses on a coffee cup $11.99
I love Sasquatch hat $9.19
(put the gift in) Forest gift bag $2.99

(book) Chariots of the Gods" $9.25.
Alien winter ski cap $8.99
UFO flying helicopter glo-in-the-dark $6.05
Star Wars Gift Bag $3.05

Zombie white chocolate candy bars $4.20
Zombie leather bracelet with weapon spikes $14.80
Zombie Bath Salts, Coriander and Lime scented $8.95
Bieber Gift Bag (you must zombie his face first) $3.49

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