Monday, December 10, 2012

Hills Have Eyes, Dale the Doll, Casino & Petroglyphss

Decided to go to the casino with Julie. Lots of hopes. Not lots of luck. Had fun. Ate a fantastic supper. Then, went looking at Xmas lights in the foothills-

Sunday morning, we went to the farmer's market locally with tons of fresh awesome products, foods and veggies.  Picked up some oriental orzo and added that to my many-mushroom soup for our supper.

Tried some "Naked Chocolates"  YUM!!!  New fav!

Then, we went to South Mountain Park to see the ancient HoHoKam glyphs

Looks to me like the mountain peaks and sun on the left and then two turtles in the sky????

At the end of the weekend, we kept hearing something strange...

Tonight on Syfy they are airing a special 20th Anniversary special with lots of looks back at the evolution of the channel with some familiar faces!


  1. Oh my! I have to send you something that Emry caught with his FisherPrice digital camera. It's the weirdest THING!

  2. hahah you crack me up Dale! :) ooo and those naked chocolates sound and look good ;)