Monday, December 3, 2012

Harry and the Hendersons as a Harbinger?

Family runs over Bigfoot.
Family brings Bigfoot home.
Family realizes they might benefit financially from Bigfoot.
Family is ashamed when they realize how human he is and that they are the killers, not the big man.
Greedy hunter chases him.
Jaded and retired hunter gives up on his existence since he never got to see one.
Citizens assume Bigfoot is dangerous.
People want to grab up guns and go into the woods.
Reporters flock to sighting areas.

I was watching this classic 1987 movie the other day and realized how prophetic it was. People wanting to profit, others wanting to kill Bigfoot. Very troubling times. I wish we could just put Bigfoot back in the woods and walk away.

What I appreciate about this movie is that the family, by getting to know Harry, cannot help but be concerned for him and protective of him. I am hoping that as the discussion of proof of Bigfoot is hitting the general public, we begin to look at Bigfoot realistically and not like frightened children or big game hunters. Bigfoot has gone to extraordinary efforts to remain separate from us. He does not want confrontation. He does not want to join us either. I hope that we can start to take his care and conservation of his way of life to heart.  After all, America is about us being able to live the way we feel best, whether we are Muslim or Quaker, devil worshiper or libertarian. Let's allow the same for Bigfoot, the right to come and go and live as he has been doing so quietly and circumspectly.

If you haven't seen "Harry and the Hendersons," please do!  It is very timely.... 

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