Growing Up With Ghosts - For Sale Now!

My newest book "Growing Up With Ghosts," the childhood accounts of myself and my family members in the haunted home I grew up in, is out in print and Kindle on Amazon.

Don't forget Julie Ferguson and I's newly released books too -

Zombie Housewives of the 1960s
This fun book comes in Kindle, black and white print and full color collectible print on Amazon. We took the 1960s and turned them upside down by injected them with a zombie theme and women's roles, social uprising, and political turmoil.  This one won the 2012 Crow Award! You can also find amazingly hilarious logo items in our zombie housewives shop


Paranormal Geeks
This book is our pride and joy. We paid an homage to all things paranormal geeks from the rock stars in the paranormal world to the types of paranormal geeks, degrees, and how they got to be there, with a quiz to find out what kind of geek you are and a geek certificate. Endorsed by Cliff Barackman from "Finding Bigfoot" and Ben Hansen from "Fact or Faked." There are some amazing paranormal geek logo items in our paranormal geeks shop.


  1. wonderful news ladies... i am in for all your books. if i get them, can i send them to you and get them personalized?

    love you both, best of everything to my favorite ladies...


    1. We have bookmarks for each book and we can personally sign them and mail them for free. :-)


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