Monday, December 17, 2012

Finding Bigfoot Reviewed

Cliff:  "There's gonna be a really big buffet going on." 
Bobo:  "There's a bunch of giant ape men running around. It's the biggest adrenalin rush I know."
Matt:  "I'm looking for long thick wavy black hairs."
Bobo:  (horses) "Can actually help you find a Bigfoot."
Matt:  "Tell Bobo to let `er rip!"
Ranae:  "Show yourself, you hairy bastard."

Matt: "Can I go home with you tonight?"

The team went to Michigan this time.  The first witness story didn't add up for Moneymaker and Ranae - a first!  The first witness claimed a log was thrown at her truck. I agreed that it didn't make sense that BF would do that.


They went out to inspect the woods at night.  Hunters make it hard to tell if there's a real BF in the woods. So, they moved on to talk about BF and loggers. Ranae is softening to the concept of Michigan being a good place for BF, that is, IF Bigfoot exists.

The town hall meeting gave them some interesting witness accounts including a remarkable recording by a woman who hears it often near her home.  Matt finds an abandoned trailer in the woods that animals had been harboring in. 

One witness that was a hunter had a vague description of what he saw. Ranae wasn't sold. Bobo was. He said that a hunter is a good witness, they know bears from other things.

Sasquatch was trying to get into a chicken coup, so Cliff went to inspect.  The man who saw the Bigfoot at his coup was very convincing. His description of that moment of realization reminded me of my own when I saw one; surreal.  I have heard reports of them at chicken coups and that is absolutely something they would do. The man reported red/orange glowing eyes. This is something else often reported. When the man checked them, the bird's plucked feathers were in a pile, lined up.  They are known for lining things up, rocks, sticks and such, so this is common. Bigfoot also close the pen when they're done, unlike other animals. This is one of the most credible accounts I've heard in a long time.

Matt found a lot of bones of young dead deer that had fattened themselves up for the winter at the cornfields. This, he observes, is a common place for BF to stalk the kill. 

Ranae, Bobo and Cliff talked to a teen who saw what sounded like a Bigfoot holding a deer kill in his arm.

Matt went to the location the woman heard the calls frequently. He climbed the tree to sit in a tree stand for the night.  He knows the area is good, so they decide to stay there as a group for the night.  A tracker and some horses guided them to the ideal spot for deer and Bigfoot.  They did some screams, got some wood knocks, and Bobo clapped and they got 3 more knocks back.  They got a cool howl, Bobo howled, then they got a response. 

I think the place was very squatchy and I suspect that they will be going back to Michigan again. I hope they go back in the late summer when corn is tall and berries are ready for the picking.

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