Monday, December 3, 2012

Finding Bigfoot Reviewed

Best lines of the episode:

Ranae "I think he's developed Bigfoot on the brain."
Bobo: "The whole area is just screaming squatch!"
Bobo:  "I hope Matt got some action himself."
Bobo:  "I don't know what that was, but it could be a squatch tearing down a tree."

Last night, the team went to the Sierras in California.  My witness event was in the Sierras in the mid 80s. It is absolutely a wonderful place to get lost, but can be a tough climate, so squatch goes up and down in elevation depending on the season. 

The man with the smudgy car, I believe was a bear encounter. I remember the bulletin boards in the Sierras that showed pictures of what bears do to cars. They are used to knowing a car means goodies.  In the Sierras, they are trained to check it out and the salivation/slobber would make sense for a hungry bear hoping there's a peanut butter jar inside.

They brought a pup along. Great idea. They, however, didn't really do anything with their furry companion. The falling snow was beautiful. I miss snow!  Matt buried under pine needles. Now, that's priceless.  Yes, not a thrilling episodes, so admittedly I'm a bit ADD at this point.

They inspected some Native American caves with "Hairy Man" pictographs that appear to show a mommy, daddy and baby squatch. Cliff is always a gracious guest, honored to be able to see the sight in person. Bobo brought an air raid siren.  Fire, fireworks, crying baby dolls, air raid siren, rave lights, mannequins, fake deer. I'm must keeping a prop count....

They showed the preview for the Arizona episode next weekend. Julie and I were there at the town hall meeting. Looks like they got some action out there and I'm not surprised. Not all of Arizona is desert. The high country is magical and ideal.

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