Did Man's Brain Develop Too Fast To Be Just Evolution?

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute did some research on the human brain and realized something I suspected all along, that evolutionary-wise, our brains made a huge fast leap to the very sentient beings that we are today.

What the study uncovered was that the genes that control the size and complexity of the brain underwent an extremely rapid evolution in humans, but not the same jump in primates or other animals.

“The human lineage appears to have been subjected to very different selective regimes compared to most other lineages,” said Bruce Lahn. “Selection for greater intelligence and hence larger and more complex brains is far more intense during human evolution than during the evolution of other mammals.”

Many believe that the jump made in evolution to develop the brain man did so fast on the time line, whereas other hominids did not, proves that perhaps there has been some tweaking of our genome. In fact, perhaps earlier types of man were bad samples of experiments in tweaking genomes, left to die off, until just the right mix was made, and then the creator(s) inserted a self awareness (remember that Garden of Eden apple scenario)?