Saturday, December 22, 2012

Chasing Legends!

By now, the long-term readers of GHT have experienced my excitement about all things paranormal from encouraging you to go on adventures and paranormal vacations to publishing the book Paranormal Geeks (on Amazon) with Julie Ferguson. Well, expect 2013 to add something new to the mix. Julie and I are going to go on some amazing paranormal adventures covering all the paranormal realms. We are doing to do videos called Chasing Legends in which we show how we decide on a paranormal legend, research it and go in the field in search of it. We are hoping to ignite curiosity in the readers of our blogs and spark y'all to go find a legend and chase it. Life is about seeking knowledge and adventure, so GO FOR IT! We really want you to go from arm chair paranormal geeks to having these crazy adventures to tell your grandkids about some day. We will share the ones we go on and believe me, we will be chasing the rather mundane legends to some of the most insane ones! Hang on!