Are We Headed Toward Wholesale Sasquatch Slaughter?

Whether or not recent reports of supposed killings of Sasquatches are accurate, it does bring up a very upsetting concern; what justifies the killing of a creature walking on two legs, resembling man more than beast when he has not threatened the killer? In fact, Sasquatch has gone to enormous lengths to avoid man at all costs.

The two more popular reports in the "Bigfoot Community" have come in the tales of a man shooting at one from the protection of his truck from some distance, and then reportedly chasing down the youth and killing it. Another report involves someone who supposedly baited the Bigfoot twice before shooting it in the back of the head as it went away.  Neither situation involved any personal threat to these storytellers, and yet we don't see the community screaming for justice against these cold-blooded killers. In fact, the media is encouraging it with documentaries, TV shows, books and more showcasing these psychopaths.

Understandably, until there is actual proof they did in fact kill these beings, it's hard to determine how they should be punished.  However, once DNA reveals the true content of Bigfoot, I would caution everyone to consider this - murder has no statute of limitations.

I would admonish anyone who writes about Bigfoot or does radio interviews to leave these characters out of all their story lines. You are doing nothing but aiding and abetting potentially cold-blooded killers or potentially attention-hungry bullshitters. You would be engaging in the carnival circus that makes these people famous and potentially wealthier.  You are giving them a spotlight they so desperately crave.  Do you want to see them rewarded for this behavior and set an example by which more and more people take to the woods hoping to make profitable deals and bag a Sasquatch?

Instead, lets bring in a dialogue about what is to be done once Bigfoot is proven. What research is ahead of us? What things might we learn from their culture and their lifestyle? What universities might be embarking on uncovering the mystery of them? Let's give spotlights to those in the field who have been doing research for decades just to understand Bigfoot's culture, physiology, spirituality, and origins. Let's bring attention to the bigger questions like; how do we continue to live side by side now that we know we have potential half siblings we never knew we had before? What do they need? How can we continue to allow them their lifestyle without infringing on their space and resources? These are the things news outlets should be focusing on instead of the big-game hunter, desperate media whores that are clamoring for a name in the public eye. 

Bigfoot has no one to speak for him. We must do it. We must be representatives with the best of intentions as a buffer between him and those who wish to do him harm.


  1. Yeah, there are too many jerks out there just looking for fame and don't care how they get it. They don't deserve our attention.

  2. This is my concern. In a way, I am glad that so few of us consider Bigfoot as real.
    I found the home of a clan and after making contact (screams, rock throwing and knocking.)I decided to see if I could bring them in, instead of harassing them with calls. Being a very good guitar player (if I do say so myself. LOL) my research partner and I started going up there and I played guitar for bigfoot. They have come up to listen almost everytime. The first time I played when I was done and started putting the guitar back in its case I heard a moan of dissappointment from what sounded like a child. It was very close, within fifty feet. I've had many encounters with them and I fear for them. My partner doesn't seem to think the same way and has taken several people up there. This really bothers me.
    I will never reveal their location because I don't want them bothered. I have purchased some good sound equipment and before I turn it on and record them I plan on telling them what I'm going to do. I have a great respect for them. They are amazing beings. They need our protection from the gun nuts and yahoo's.

  3. Thank you. You are just the kind of inquisitive and respectful people we need in the field. The problem with working with anyone is that everyone in the group must be on-board with the purpose of what you're doing. There's a lot of folks who, once they realize BF is real, want to show others they aren't imaging it. It is important to represent BF and be protective so they can maintain the life they are used to living. They do the same for us, bless their hearts. Thanks for being one of those preservationists.


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