Friday, November 23, 2012

What is the Dogman?

Author/investigator Linda Godfrey has perhaps been the biggest voice in introducing the "Dogman" concept to the masses. It is reported as an upright canine known in Wisconsin as the Beast of Bray Road, in Michigan as the Dog Man, in the Southwest as the Skinwalker, and all over the world as a werewolf. You can find many of her books on Amazon like "Real Wolfman: True Encounters in Modern America" and more. 

Dogman phenomena has become much more commonly known through the paranormal community since the advent of popularity in Bigfoot investigating. Those seeking Bigfoot have also come across the Dogman and also stories by habituators (those who co-exist with Bigfoot and often gift them food) of having Dogman on their properties, as well.

Most commonly, the Dogman is described as 6 feet tall and taller, having pointed ears (sometimes no ears are seen), a dog-like snout (more like a bear by most witness reports), red eyes, and spindly legs that leave dog-like footprints.

Are you getting scared yet? 

First, we must acknowledge that a famous supposed dogman video was actually found to be a hoax - a man in a ghillie suit. Of course, there have been hundreds of fake Bigfoot videos, as well, but we don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.


There are many camps of thought as to what a Dogman is: 

Traditionalists believe it's a werewolf (man turned into animal). They see the phenomena as something either psychological (man acting as wolf in some sort of lycanthropic mental illness) or literally overcome by some curse or disease that makes him wild and transformative.

Skeptics believe people are seeing large dogs, bears, or men and misinterpreting it. Or, perhaps they are seeing Bigfoot and registering it in a canine way.

Spiritualists believe Dogman is a shapeshifter; a human who can take on the spirit of an animal or imitate one for dark purposes. 

Bigfoot believers sometimes take the stance that Dogman is simply a Bigfoot with unusual features, perhaps a more pronounced fore-face.

A great deal of those studying the phenomena see it as a potential aberration perhaps created by gene manipulation by outside forces, such as aliens.

The Beast of 7 Chutes, a photo taken in Quebec supposedly shows a Dogman in the bottom right corner in the woods. It has gotten a lot of attention because, well, Dogman is not often filmed.  It is reported that the beast appears to be holding something and looking up at the photographer who had no idea he was there.

There is a legend among Bigfooters and cryptid communities about the Land Between the Lakes, an area in Kentucky where supposedly a family in an RV were torn to piecesAccording to reports, it was all covered up and hidden by officials. This was discussed very nicely in the documentary Hunt the Dogman.

There is a movie out called Dogman that you might want to check out just to hear a fictional story based on this cryptid.

Dogman is admittedly more of an obsession for me than Bigfoot. I have seen a Bigfoot and having seen one, it changed my view of what they are. I used to think they were some kind of ape. There was nothing but hair to remind of me ape when I saw Bigfoot. He was as human as could be. Dogman, however, has been reported as very angry, irritable, doesn't want to run into people but if he does, has been reported to psychically send warnings and threats, as well as being willing to tear a person up from limb to limb. I have heard many private reports about Dogman encounters, and none of them have been pleasant or positive. I have also heard that Bigfoot fears Dogman. In fact, reportedly it is the thing they fear most.  Considering Dogman is reportedly up to a few feet smaller than Bigfoot and perhaps less muscular, it says a lot about Dogman's personality and ability to show threat and be aggressive.

Until I encounter one, I can't make any assumptions. I'm a theory gal, however, and when I hear reports of things like Dogman, lizard man, horse man, goat man, moth man and ape man, I cannot help but think that there is something else in nature we are not privy to or something as unnatural as genetic manipulation by an "outsider." 

There is also the very real possibility (one that I used to laugh at and am now putting on the table) that the reason these cryptids can hide so damn well and the reason they are so unusual is that they are other parallel world and can play tag in and out of the worlds with a knowledge of cutting through the worlds we do not possess. Yet.

I would have chalked it all up to fantasy and legend, but if I can find that Bigfoot is out there with lots of witness testimony and my own personal sighting, then all these stories of Dogman may have something to them. 

Dogman and shadow people are two obsessions you can expect me to talk about a lot in the future. 



  1. I emailed you a photo of a track I cast. See what you think!

  2. Linda Godfrey was kind enough to add to this that there is also the explanation that there might be some kind of dog/wolf hybrid or variation that is larger than a usual dog. Yet another good theory for the tracks seen and the dogs on all 4's.

  3. How long ago was it when you saw a Bigfoot?

    1. 1985