UFO Lovers Christmas Gifts

We've covered gifts for ghost lovers, Bigfoot lovers, zombie lovers and today UFO lovers.

UFO freak needs a toy? What On Earth catalog.

Alien ornament

Alien head massager

Super 8 movie

Monsters Vs. Aliens video game

Chariots of the Gods book by Erich Von Daniken

Alien evolution tee 

Ancient Aliens Season 3


  1. Also (and not to whore myself on your blog) we have a wonderful selection of alien-themed merch at http://roswelliandesign.blogspot.com/ :D Sorry to be such a self-promo slut on your page, S. :D

    1. Those are sooooo cool! I have you listed in our Paranormal Geeks book under rock stars of the paranormal world artists.

    2. Oh yeah, and your strange state book is listed in paranormal books in the resources section.


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