Starchild Skull

For those who haven't heard of it, the Starchild Skull is a malformed skull found in a cave in Mexico in the 1930s and dating back 900 years.

Lloyd Pye, the owner of the skull says this is not a child with hydrocephalus condition, but the result of interbreeding between aliens and humans. There are some interesting finds including the size of the eye sockets, the lack of sinuses (or event vestiges of them), the head joins the spine in a completely different fashion than on humans, and the very material the skull appears to be made up of which is more like fingernails than bone with fibrous bits in it.

Experts report it's just a child with hydrocephalus, but the nurse who had acquired the skull after the death of the original finder of it, examined it carefully to find so many differences that were not documented deformities, that she handed it over to Lloyd Pye to figure out what exactly its origins were. The search continues as they work to fund the final DNA results.

 I will keep y'all posted.