Review of Some Bigfoot Documentaries

In the old days, there were a handful of 1970s documentaries about Bigfoot, perhaps a few more in the 80s and 90s. It seems the past 10-15 years, the documentaries took hold and now we have a huge variety to choose from. I admit that my idea of a perfect rainy Sunday is to put on Bigfoot documentaries back to back all day long. Of course, living in the desert, a rainy day lands on a Sunday about 2 days a year, so sometimes I have to fudge it and close the blinds and turn down the air-conditioner.

I found some new ones I'm reviewing for y'all. They come from Grendel Films.

The first one was Spotlight on the Patterson Gimlin Film.  Regular readers might know about the post I did about MK Davis. Since opening a conversation with him and getting to know his work and how he goes about it, I have a serious nerd admiration for this video expert. I have only a handful of folks in the BF world I trust and MK is one of the top two. Being able to see a documentary showing how he went about being the first to stabilize the Patterson-Gimlin film just blew my mind away. He is a very well spoken and well thought out man. No ego. No agendas. Just wants the best detail he can obtain so folks can look at the film and take everything in and have the best quality to make their own personal judgements by. This is one of my favorites in my collection now.

Next up, were two films: "Keeping the Watch" and "Keeping the Watch Volume 2."  If you like to listen to the witness accounts on "Finding Bigfoot" and other shows, you will enjoy these two. There are some quite credible and also very detailed accounts by a wide variety of witnesses. It's compelling to sit and dive into their story and imagine yourself in their scenarios.

I already greatly enjoyed Hunt for the Dogman also out by Grendel Films. It's nice to see a documentary filmmaker pumping out plenty of cryptid material for us paranormal geeks who want to get our creature fixation satisfied.  That dogman documentary was very good and he accounts were positively chilling.

All in all, I can't complain having found 4 new DVDs to add to my collection and be pleased to rerun on those slow Sundays. 

Looks like all I need now is a good rainy day....