Thursday, November 15, 2012

Psychic Healing

Some flamboyant church leaders and others hoping to make a simple business utilizing the power of suggestion and placebo effect, have given spiritual/psychic healing a bad name.

There are many ancient and some newer techniques for body and soul healing. Whether there is efficacy depends on the practitioner and the patient. There must be talent and there must be belief. Sometimes, the simple act of setting aside time to purposefully focus on healing is enough to make the body's mechanisms engage. We don't usually allow ourselves to focus on our own body and mind and spirit without interruption. The outcome is almost always a peaceful one.

Here's just some techniques used -

Remote healing:  Performed by the healer from a long distance away through meditation and visualization.
Reiki: Involves transferring energy from the healer using the palms of the hands.
Crystals: Apply crystals to sites on the body, often used in chakra alignments.
Chakra alignment: Aligning the energy meridians in 7 points in the body, called the Chakras.
Meridians/acupuncture/acupressure: Utilizing needles or hand pressure on energy meridians in the body to realign or balance the energy centers.
Prayer:  In recent studies found to be rather effective, even if the person doesn't know prayer is being done for him.
Massage:  Used a great deal for those who have been abused in some way to help them reown parts of their body they have cut off their awareness of, to help integrate the person into his body.
Sound: Utilized to create deeper relaxation.
Colors:  Color therapy is used with lights but also in advising the patient to go home and surround herself with these colors to promote certain aspects of personality, aura, chakras that need enhancing.
EMDR Eye movement/desensitization/reprocessing therapy:  A therapy utilizing study of eye movements, reliving of traumatic events through storytelling and then checking to see if the person has integrated it by watching eye movements again after session.  

There might come a time you decide to work with a healer. It's always best if you know someone who is pleased with their healer. References are good. As well, if you can get in to see them and talk to them first, ask about their training, years doing it, and technique. Look around. If they have lots of vitamins an other items for sale, back away. There is going to be lots of secondary expenses when they convince you that you need pockets or rocks or loads of supplements. You can also ask if they have the ability to do remote healing and ask if they can make a connection with you at a predesigned time. See if you feel it. Find out if there is a connection. It can be easy to be lulled into belief when someone has a nonthreatening look, a soft voice, pretty music playing, incense and such, but really feel her energy. Does she seem to emanate energy or seem weak and frail? Look the person in her eyes and gauge her soul. Follow your instincts, but also be cautious of those who want to tell you that you need a certain "package" of sessions or peripheral purchases.  

Good luck and happy healing!

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