Saturday, November 17, 2012

Producers and the Paranormal World

The paranormal world is plagued with loads of people both wanting shows and wanting to produce them. With every burgeoning business with potential to make money and fame, there are going to be shysters.   

The world of producing shows and documentaries is one of them.

It isn't always just those wanting to promise things and not follow through, but there are also some very unsavory, unstable, and downright messed up people wanting in on the business and a quick buck.

So, how do you protect yourself when you are approached by a supposed producer?

First, take a breath. Some people get all excited that a show's producer is contacting them promising to give you a show or documentary. Ask yourself, "why me?" Not to belittle your experience in the field, but if you aren't well known, haven't had some amazing cases that got publicity, written books, or have a personality that is super well loved in the paranormal world, then this producer is looking for someone he can impress and manipulate, not the next big show personality.

Next, inquire about their website, ask for their card, look them up online. Simple things like their name, their business's name and even googling "John Doe scam." Ask for a list of other projects they have produced and ask if you may speak to past clients.

If things move to the next level, ask for a contract. Have the contract evaluated by legal counsel.

People have encounters with producers that can seem quite dazzling and they are sometimes bigger than life characters and smooth. They know how to make it all sound so great, talk it up with big dreams and sound like they are connected all over the world. Just do your homework. Everyone leaves a path online. They can be found and their sites can be found. How many followers on Twitter and Facebook? What about YouTube? Is their work on there? How many views? Just keep your calm and be logical.

I give this advice because I was tormented by a person who led me to believe he was a producer and a friend. When I needed a short video done, he offered to "help me out" as a friend. Then, ultimately he tried to extort me, held the video for hostage, and was hiding his business behind a relative's name and credit rating, and then went after me viciously like a pit bull with tons of threats and wrath. He was a real psychopath freak and I don't want to see anyone else ever have to deal with this.

I was naive enough to think he was just helping me out as friends do and as I do for all my friends.  In fact, I had already spent over 35 hours of my own time helping him out with PR.  Instead, he held the project hostage. I was smart enough to have him investigated in case he caused further trouble. And have warned others about his existence in the paranormal industry.

Use commonsense and the credo that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Have those around you also in on this interaction so they can give feedback and watch out for you. Never give cash or equipment to the person.

Stay skeptical and stay safe.

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  1. I've been contacted by at least three production companies both here and in the UK, all looking to produce YET ANOTHER doomed-to-fail paranormal show for some cable outlet or another. Mostly, they wanted on air personalities, but I'm not an organ-grinding monkey and feel I could do a lot to improve the quality of product from BEHIND the scenes, which I offered. They weren't interested. They insist on churning out formulaic crap with little critical merit. Another production company wanted to mine me for material they could use in their own show. Do your own research. Sheesh! Anyway, this is your soap box and not mine. :D