Monday, November 19, 2012

New URBEX trip!

Julie and I went on a crazy road trip yesterday. It was a reward for working so hard on our Paranormal Geeks book the day before. We got punchy the night before, put the book away, had a couple drinks and began to find the movie "Legend of Boggy Creek" too funny - especially the "woman" with a mustache and the young boys going into the bottoms -

We planned to revisit some spots we've photographed before, but what a day of dead ends and total weirdness!  We stopped at the Slaughterhouse, the site we used for our book "Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse."  When we arrived, we found a squatter who turned our slaughterhouse into a desert pirate ship with a skull and crossbones flag!

We headed over to a motel we enjoyed photographing a year ago. Well, guess what? It was fenced in now. 

We then headed over to one of our favorite abandoned sites, the Domes. When we arrived, there was a van load of folks and a car pulled up. It was the owner of the property. He promptly told us that the site was for rent for $300 a day. Hmm..... So, we considered the possibility of doing a large group of ghost hunters to go there in the afternoon, have a pot luck picnic, photograph, perhaps have some folks play music inside the weird structures that create an intense echo effect, and then have a ghost hunt after hours.

So, we headed down to a place we really enjoyed photographing in the past, Picacho. It had a slew of old 1950s motels that were abandoned, a few homes, a junkyard, a church, and a post office. When we took the turn off, we were stunned. We saw the sign... but no buildings anywhere. It was a fairly wide spread area of dozens of buildings. We asked someone in the gift shop down the road. The entire town was taken down. WTF??? Strange signs posted by the Department of Transportation said it was their private land now. Hmm...

I did manage to add a new ring to my collection because, well, it was just sooooo me!!! 

Well, we did manage to get some great photos of abandoned trailers--we run into them everywhere!

The downtown area had some interesting distractions that felt like the 1950s

I also was very productive. I chopped down my Christmas tree for this year. Okay, okay, I kicked it up.

I took it home..

And am starting to decorate the tumbleweed with cheesy Arizona roadside tourist trinket stuff. 

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  1. It was weird to be where a town once stood and we got lots of fantastic pictures. I am still freaked out about that. Even though things changed lots in two years, I still had a good time.