Thursday, November 8, 2012

Must-Have Cryptid DVD and Book

Hunt the Dogman
I have an extensive cryptid DVD collection. One of my favorite weekend things to do is run them back to back in the background while I'm writing my books or if, heaven forbid, I'm just lollygagging around, I can watch them from sun-up to sun-down. I just added Hunt the Dogman to that collection and next I'm adding a book by the same man, Barton Nunnelly, to my collection in my library, as well, The Inhumanoids.

I am glad to add this to my library. I think when it comes to cryptid shows, like Finding Bigfoot, we tend to get most interested in the part where they talk to witnesses and then we want to see them poke around those places in the woods. This documentary delivers. The witness testimonies are compelling and detailed. The setting is creepy and the questions left unanswered are intriguing. I'm glad to add this to my cryptid collection and look forward to future projects by Nunnelly and by Grendel Films. 

Voices in the Wilderness
Voices in the Wilderness by Ron Morehead is a book and audio CD that I was thrilled to get!  There are a hundred aspects of Bigfoot that intrigue me but language and psychic abilities are the two that really make me wonder, as well as the obvious - his origins genetically. 

Ron has focused decades since the early 70s on recordings made in the Sierras capturing some of the most amazing vocalizations and has spent a lifetime wanting to know more about them. This book is fantastic because if you ever wanted to voyage into the Sierras and go through decades of hiking trails, camping, and awaiting interactions, this is the next best thing. My own sighting was in the Sierras in the mid 80s. It's a land that you almost feel you could encounter a dinosaur in and not be surprised.

The accompanying CD I got in the combo book/CD was truly amazing (great price too!). I have heard a good deal of BF vocalizations and some of the sounds in these were eerie familiar to ones from other parts of the country. His accounts written in the book are not only easy reading, but you can't put it down. There are also lots of great photos and you truly think you can smell fire smoke and pine needles as you read through it.  The conclusions with lots of expert input is that we are dealing with a creature much larger than man and with some primitive and unusual vocalizations.

Although Morehead's conclusions lean towards a big stupid beast and mine lean towards something much closer to man, I appreciate the hard work and effort he made into recording the Sierra sounds. My hope is now that he will take that and go to other states in the Midwest and East that have Bigfoot and get recordings from those regions which might just change his view on what Bigfoot is. Either way, this book and CD are keepers and I will likely reread it again on a dark evening when it's quiet and I want to go into the woods and listen in the dark to the voices of the night. I'm always thrilled to see devoted people staying in the field, focusing their expertise, and really adding to the research about the big fella.

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