Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ghost Lovers Gifts

Over the ensuing days, I'll be having gift ideas for UFO lovers, Bigfoot lovers and Zombie lovers for Xmas gifting. Today, it's Ghost Hunting.

Julie and I's Paranormal Geeks shop has lots of geek logos on hundreds of items. 

Make your guests wonder if your place is haunted? Perhaps a shower curtain to make them ponder it.

If you want to make a gift, you might try doing a ghost mirror for them. For the cost of printing some black and white pictures (I found a picture of Victorian era kids and took Phothoshop and clone stamped black where their eyes were), a glass frame you can get very cheap at a second hand store (remove the ugly picture in it) and a couple cans of looking glass spray paint, black paint, ivory paint and crackle medium, you can do this like I did -

How about a badass Italian Plague Mask?

Vintage creepy baby doll

Julie and I's book Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition) 
Also available on Kindle. Twelve abandoned sites in the desert photographed with 12 stories of psychic reads I did at each location on an event from someone who was there before.

Was That a Ghost?
My book on Kindle that helps the reader go through steps to discover if they had experienced the paranormal.

Creepy haunted house music? How about House of Nightmares by Buzz Works?

How about a skeleton toilet paper holder?

Movies? How about the best haunted house stories ever -

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