Monday, November 12, 2012

Finding Bigfoot: Reviewed

New season of F'ing Bigfoot is officially underway with last night's season opener in Idaho.

I really freaking missed these guys. It seems like forever since the last season ended and Animal Planet has been rather skimpy at reshowing old episodes in the interim. Come on folks at AP--get on that right now! It's gotta be one of the viewers' most loved shows.

The hour before the new episode, they had an adorable heartwarming episode that was behind the scenes of the show. We got to know the characters better and things that go on we don't know about. A little bonus for those of us who waited forever for the new season.
The team went up to SE Utah in search of a BF supposedly filmed by some high school kids on an exploration for school. Not real promising when investigating it though.

A local witness teen who saw one in a place that was quite open, showed it to Bobo who declared this Bigfoot was not a rocket scientist, one of the dumber squatches. 

Ranae went camping alone. Then, Matt and Cliff went to check out a promising location a man saw a juvenile squatch.  Ranae used herself as bait, calling out and telling them she was alone and to come visit her. If you can't get a date with a Bigfoot when you're the only female in the woods, is it time to hang up your pumps?

Moneymaker shared a "Castle and Moat" theory -- BF choosing to be in a location that if he runs into someone, he can cross the terrain but the human could not.  Cliff mentioned "nurseries" or areas where BF drop off their young that is abundant in places to hide, water and food. 

The team met Dr. Jeff Meldrum at the university who is considered a specialist in Bigfoot and especially having an extensive footprint collection.  Ironically, he thought the video and the photo of the footprint were all Bigfoot. I wonder if they brought him a Jack Links commercial if he'd verify he's real.  I thought it was interesting the team took Dr. Meldrum's advice on the ideal place to find BF but after decades of searching he's nailed where they are...

Bobo suggests they have a rave.  Cliff is happy that Bobo's dream is coming true; to have a disco party with his BF pals? Yeah, this'll work because BF is totally attracted to huge bonfires with people playing CCR on their truck stereos, laughing and drinking.  You should see what he does when it's lightning bug season!

I give them super kudos for reveling in their ridiculous experiments and I don't know how I could live without being able to make awesome fun memes like the one above.  Keep it up, y'all. Scooby Doo has nothing on you!


  1. Sharon....
    My name is G-Man (Galen/Mr. Knowitall)
    I was directed here my a fellow Michigan Blogger Eric 'Bubba' Alder.
    He read my Sunday's post about attending a MUFON meeting, (Mutual UFO Network)and I made the comment that these people are NOT happy!
    They are afraid to mention what they have seen, and some have mentioned that they were actually visited by the Men in Black. I ended my post today saying that I should become a Bigfoot follower because EVERYBODY loves Bigfoot.
    (Whew That was a wordy intro...)
    You have a fascinating Blog, (And VERY pretty feet) And I share your passion for Finding Bigfoot!!!
    I Loved your synopses of last nights show, and you nailed everything Right On. I'll try not to appear creepy, and I'll be on my best behavior while visiting. Keep up the good work...G

  2. Hey Galen; you found your tribe, dear. You definitely belong here. Do be sure and direct me to your post. I'd love to read your work. You will be especially humored by the meme button above and the "Laugh" button where you will find many parodies of this show.

  3. I think I'll wait for the F'ing Bigfoot marathon.