Monday, November 19, 2012

Finding Bigfoot Reviewed

Last night, the team went to Vermont to a location where a photo of a supposed Bigfoot and her baby were taken in an apple orchard. The photo was very interesting. It did appear to be a Bigfoot and perhaps its baby beneath it holding on with its little hands. An orchard would become a very attractive place to get food and they are definitely known to depend on human agricultural food sources, even dumpsters behind shops near woods.

The show wasn't as goofy as last week. I was compelling after I had just watched "Legend of Boggy Creek" the other night and their interactions reminded me of those. It's not a super reported place for Bigfoot, but there is really no reason BF wouldn't be in Vermont with lots of orchards and agriculture, waterways and berries.

It would appear that Ranae is losing the hope. She doubts witness accounts and rains on the boys' parade.  It is nice to have her playing the voice of skepticism and logic. I do, however, wish that she would soon run into a BF and develop a passion about the subject.

Wasn't a particularly productive show, but like always I enjoyed listening to the witness accounts and seeing a new locale.

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