Monday, November 5, 2012

Day Dreams: If PSI Was Proven

This is a new series working theories and considering the implications individually and to the world if paranormal concepts are ever scientifically proven.

Today, I wanted to discuss what would happen if psychic abilities were proven--without a doubt. How would we deal with the fact that we not only know it exists, but we know how it exists, so we can now develop them?

The first thing we would likely witness is people either undergoing testing to find out their psychic potential or taking training classes to develop it. Psychics that take their skills to a new level will be sought after by corporations and governments both.

What would this mean for human relationships? Imagine if you knew if your partner was lying? That your child's school bus might run off the road that day? Would you spend your life in constant reaction to every vision that you encounter? Would people become terrified to meet their fates?  Would they make rash decisions based on knowing their boss plans to fire them or their bank is going to go under? Would the population go from being proactive to reactive?

How could we negotiate and get along if we knew each other's intentions and inner contempt?  Would we withdrawal if we knew our partner was not attracted to part of our body? If we knew that our friends thought our chatter was senseless and boring? If it came to our realization that someone we were attracted to was not attracted to us at all?

Of the positive things to result from PSI being accepted is that we might learn more compassion. Imagine if you really could walk in someone else's shoes and know where they're coming from? Imagine if you were needed and you knew to rush to the scene?  People who have trouble communicating, whether they are deaf or in a coma, autistic or speak foreign language could be understood.

To prevent future castastrophes, clear out shorelines before tsunamis, anticipate an attack by another country, therefore ensuring they won't attack in the first place - these are interesting prospects.

This isn't even introducing the very real possibility that psychics could talk to the other side, heal bodies, read objects, and more. If these talents were developed, it could lead to a nirvana-like existence.

Perhaps what is best about today's psychics being unable to be 100% accurate 100% of the time is that we are meant to fill in the blanks. If we knew all these things, there would be no mystery, no decisions that go wrong and make us stronger and more adaptable. It's honestly the obstacles we encounter that make us resilient and intelligent. Without them, we learn nothing.

When my son was learning to drive, he complained about the drivers on the road who did stupid stuff and I told him, "we need the assholes on the road, they make us work our skills and stay edgy instead of complacent." Perhaps not proving how psychic powers work is protecting us from having no mistakes, from living life by warnings instead of waking up each morning and deciding on things based on a whim or a hunch.

After all, serendipity truly is our friend. 

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