Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bigfoot Lovers Christmas Gifts

Yesterday was ghost gifts, today it's Bigfoot gifts.

Bigfoot magnet set and lots more Bigfoot stuff in What on Earth Catalog.

 Camo Band-Aids for woodland boo-boo's. 

Bigfoot ornament

Bigfoot rubber ink stamp


How about a Yeti from Saks?

How about cryptid documentaries from Bigfoot to Dogman? Try Grendel Films.

Newly released Bigfoot scary movie, "Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes."

Curious about the dogman? Oh, you'll want this book, Inhumanoids by BM Nunnelly.

Christmas cards for Bigfoot lovers at Paranormal Geeks Shop.

A movie set with 3 Squatchy movies!

How about a Finding Bigfoot pajama shop with tons of designs? 

This is mine, get your own JAAG the stuffed Bigfoot. He's sooooo soft and cuddly.

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