Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bigfoot Diaries: Are We Psychic?

A lot of folks assume that Bigfoot is either an alien creature, an alien pet, an interdimensional being or perhaps psychic. We've been reported to have nightvision, infrasound, and the ability to disappear right before your eyes. I won't profess to which of these are true, but I will tell you that we don't read your minds. We really don't want to know what's going on in there.

You might, however, wonder why we're so adept at staying hidden from you. We can credit our keen ability to hear you (you're noisy folks), and to feel your presence. We have secret methods, I won't reveal to you, but they do not involve mesmerizing or controlling your thoughts. Let's just leave it at this; we don't need to be psychic to avoid you, we have spent many generations being keenly aware of how to remain "other."

You hairless ones have quite the egos to assume that we must have super powers to remain cloaked from you. Truth is, any time you are in the woods, you pass by dozens of snakes, owls, racoons, squirrels, birds, insects, and other fauna that you don't even realize it.

That part about man being self aware is true. He is excessively aware of his self. But, Bigfoot is aware of all the creatures. 

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