Saturday, November 3, 2012

Amazing Ancients: Pumapunku

Pumapunku is a megalithic temple/memorial grouping of structures in Bolivia. The unbelievably precise design of this stone complex has baffled people. It is believed to have, in its heyday, been adorned beautifully and perhaps one of the most magnificent ancient sites when in use. It is believed to have peaked in use from 700 to 1000 AD. The stones were cut sharply and precisely and fit together like interlocking pieces.

Adding to the mystery, stones were apparently quarried for this site 10 miles away. It has truly baffled researchers to find the interlocking and unbelievably precision cuts of the stones. As well, a huge section is devastated by a potential past earthquake.

As you can imagine, ancient astronaut theorists find this site to be their shining example of intervention from outside. I used to ridicule such notions, but my view of the universe is now a bit more flexible and fluid. I think there is definitely something to the concept of ancients having a very big hand in this world. I think it will all come to light in coming days/months/years, but how we handle such a realization will say much about us setting aside egos and religions for a healthy view of the universe and the wonder of it all; a humbling of the human species, so to speak.

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