Tuesday, November 13, 2012

All Types of Strange Earth Lights

When I was a kid, we had a Victorian style home on the Chesapeake as our summer place. It was a quiet inlet in the Mobjack Bay area and right across from a cemetery. I would look out the window at night and watch occasionally a strange phenomena, blue ball lights. They would show up, sometimes or two, perhaps the size of a fist or baseball. They would float and move almost as if directed, dissolve or just blink out, moving between the headstones. I had a sense as a kid that it was yet another part of nature like lightning or thunder. I didn't think it was supernatural. It was the earth doing what it does when conditions are right in a swampy land. It did, however, make me positively obsessed with seeing more earth lights and the earth puts out a huge menagerie - just check these out -
Earth Lights/Ghost Lights:  Usually seen repeatedly over time in locations, these lights are described by many as hovering, floating, brightly luminescent, fizzling out, disappearing rapidly, and their origins vague. Brown Mountain Lights and Marfa Lights are most widely known, but this phenomenon shows up in my locations around the world.


Will-O'-the-Wisp:  A ghostly light seen by people at night, usually over bogs and swamps that has a ghostly glow.  In folklore, it is associated with elemental spirits carrying lanterns.

St. Elmo's Fire:  This weather condition creates a coronal discharge from a sharp object with a strong electrical field in the atmosphere. It creates a bright blue or violet fire-looking glow and is accompanied by a buzzing or hissing sound. Some sailors have regarded it as a bad sign or omen.

Ball Lightning:  An atmospheric electrical phenomenon that creates a sphere that is from pea-sized to a meter across and happens during thunderstorms. This traveling intense light ball is said to explode and leave behind the odor of sulfur. A 1500s account said, "There entered in at the west window of the church a dark unproportioned thing about the bigness of a football, and went along the wall on the pulpit side; and suddenly it seemed to break with no less sound than if a hundred cannons had been discharged at once; and therewithal came a most violent storm and tempest of lightning and thunder as if the church had been full of fire."

Earthquake Lights:  A luminous phenomena seen in the sky before seismic activity including earthquakes and volcano eruptions.  It is an aurora with a whitish, bluish tone and upon occasion even more colors.


Northern Lights/Aurora borealis:  Near the earth's magnetic poles, highly charged electrons from solar winds interact with earth's atmosphere, putting on quite the light show.

Jets and Sprites:  Only recently documented (1989), these emissions in upper atmosphere during thunderstorms shows a kind of upward storm discharge that is brilliant to watch from high-flying aircraft.

All of these phenomena remind us how little we know about the Earth's powers and capabilities, magnetic, atmospheric, seismic, geologic, gaseous, and electrical. When you consider how many possible conditions can exist for these phenomena, you can expand that to your understanding of the paranormal world of study.  

Yes, quite the puzzle, Mother Earth.

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