Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ways to Experience the Paranormal

People who haven't experienced something unexplainable and otherworldly either don't believe it's possible or believe it's possible and say, "why not me???"

There are no guarantees, but you can up your odds greatly. I've talked to people who complain about not encountering something and I ask if they've done any of these things below and they say, "nope." No surprise they hadn't.

It's not always about dark scary places and ghosts. Sometimes, it's about having an unexpected experience.  The more sensory deprived you are, the higher your chances. You aren't going to notice things if you aren't in a dark space where you notice changes in the darkness, a quiet space where you can hear everything unexplainable. The moments before falling asleep, in the alpha state, you are in prime time for an encounter. It's not a coincidence that people in such an open state encounter dead loved ones, have a sense of floating or traveling, or even have alien encounters. You cannot have encounters if you don't get rid of distractions.

Here's some places and situations that can put you in a good place to have an encounter with the paranormal.

1.  Drive your car way out into the countryside away from lights, down a nice long dirt or gravel road away from homes and highway lights. Spread a blanket out on the hood of the car, lie back and study the sky. Give yourself at least a few hours.

2.  Before bedtime, relax in bed. Don't go to sleep. Sit up. Open a photo album, look at pictures of a loved one. Talk to that loved one. Tell him/her what you are up to, how much you miss him/her, and you need to talk to him/her one more time. Do this for a good 15 minutes at least, remember times with him/her, recalling details. Close the album, curl up in bed, say goodnight to that person. Go to sleep.

3.  Rent a room in a popular known haunted B&B and secure the room most often reported to have activity. Get comfy in the room. Laugh, watch TV, read a book, get attuned to the sounds and feel of the room. Before you go out to supper, sprinkle some powder on the bedside table and leave a ring and some coins. Before you go to bed, address the room that you are going to sleep and the room is theirs to do what they wish.

4.  Sit down in your home with a digital voice recorder and some pictures of dead loved ones and perhaps even some of their belongings if you have them. Conduct a conversation, first updating them on your life, telling them how you miss them, then ask them if they give you advice. Let it record at least 15 seconds before you ask another question. Listen back to it, preferably with headphones.

5.  Learn about astral projection. There are some good videos on YouTube and instructions online. Regularly practice leaving your body. Don't give up. It's that one moment you let go that it happens.

6.  If you get a chance to take a tour of an historic building or a ghost tour, slow down and give yourself some time to feel the rooms as the others exit. Just notice your body's reaction. Goosebumps? Feelings of being watched? Headache? Pressure on your head? Don't study the group. Turn away from them and study the other reaches of the space.

Ultimately, times you might have the best chance include following the death of a loved one visiting you in your sleep time or even your waking time, moments you aren't expecting it like walking in a park after dark and seeing a shadow person, or spending the night in a friend's old house near a Civil War battlefield. You may look out your car window one night and see a glow in the sky. You could camp out in the woods and hear a very loud howling. You aren't always ready for the paranormal when it happens, but the only way it happens is to go to places/situations where it is more likely. 

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