Tuesday, October 23, 2012

UK Does Zombies Fun!

Remember the awesome zombie mall event in the UK? Well, they're at it again!

Zombie Battle London is the newest innovation.

This event takes place in a top secret location in London. Zombies have taken over a military bunker. You are given weapons, ammo, and training.

For 3.5 hours you are lead by commanders into an adrenalin-pumping, zombie killing mayhem.

I love the Brits! They seriously know how to have fun, whether it's poking fun at the queen's hats and the royalty's public nudity, or their unbelievably hilarious comedy shows. I hope all my UK resident readers are planning on this foray into once-in-a-lifetime experiences!

At the bunker you’ll be briefed, trained and be given full instruction on how to tackle these pesky zombie types. You'll then be provided with three types of weaponry to utilise against the hideous enemy. Then the Undead Response Unit (a military group combating zombies - not the metal band from Colchester) will show you techniques to destroy these re-animated rascals.

For 3.5 hours you’ll undertake missions under the watchful eye of your commanders. And you better listen to them – those things they are shouting at you could save your life. If you let your guard down even for a second, someone will be tucking into his brains like they’re a brainy Arctic Roll – and nobody wants that.

You’ll get hot, you’ll get scared, you’ll almost certainly wear a jumpsuit. But if you’ve always wanted to battle zombies just like that TV show you really like (Emmerdale) this is the experience for you. High on adrenaline, low on good skincare regimes – you will come face to face with the horrors of the living dead apocalypse and it will take all your cunning, guile and running about to defeat them and save mankind. Just use your brains. Your delicious, juicy, human brains and head to the smoke for this exhilarating, exciting one-of-a-king Zombie Battle Experience.

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