Monday, October 8, 2012

The Truth About Rods and Orbs

Like any other investigator out there in the field, I want to find phenomena. I really really want to. But, real true phenomena is precious and rare. There are a lot of investigators flooding the market with the popularity of ghost hunting who have an agenda. Their agenda is to always encounter the paranormal every time they go out. They have a belief system and they are trying to make the evidence prove their belief rather than their belief be the result of the evidence.

Two very popular things people get excited about are supposed "rods" that dance through videos and "orbs" that show up in digital photographs.

As tantalizing as those air fish or rods may look, upon closer observation with great slowing of the film, they are discovered to be bugs. The orbs? The flash going off near the lens creates a situation in which pollen, dust, moisture, snow, bugs and more can be lit by the flash and appear to be something quite intriguing. Anyone who tells you that an orb is a "genuine" orb, is trying to sell you on a particle that was closer to the flash and lens and brighter than the rest as something mystical.

Like anyone else, I very much want to discover phenomena. Genuine phenomena. If I spent my time chasing the explainable, I would miss the huge universe of truly unexplained out there. I step away from orbs and rods and concentrate on the unexplainable. This doesn't mean I don't have believe in the paranormal. In fact, I have belief in true paranormal, not real life camera accidents posing as phenomena for those who want to believe it's their Uncle Joe or the spirits of the dead people in the historic building they were photographing in.

I advise people to take their own cameras and photograph in lots of conditions that show them how their personal cameras pick up things like these -

Shaking a dust rag in front of the camera -

Dust storm--wind blowing

Walking through a cemetery, turning and shooting what I just walked through--including a moth-

Sprinklers on -

Spider in a web -

Breath -

Camera strap -

Hair -

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  1. I can connect you with a genuine case as am friends with 3 people who have daily an weekly encounters with rods, orbs, cloaked spaceships, sky phenomena of all colors of the rainbow, bright luminous sky phenomena, luminous beautiful unexplainable weird butterfly type objects , and more but will have to ask them first but as long as you are normal I see no problems introducing you. My email is