Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Reptilians Among Us?

Notable Reptilians according to "experts" on the subject: George Bush Sr., George Bush Jr., Richard Cheney, Al Gore, Colin Powell, Queen Elizabeth and all 4 sons including Prince Charles and Prince Andrew. (I would have added Nancy Pelosi and Ann Coulter)

There are people who believe that reptilian aliens are among us, whether they are hiding in caves underground or posing as humans. Others believe that some humans have reptilian DNA in them. Perhaps this concept came from a physician and neuroscientist, Paul MacLean, M.D. comparing parts of the brain to the reptilian brain. It was his conclusion that the "triune" brain emerged from paleomammilian brain and neomammilian brain structures. That popular term might have taken hold.

There are also many reports of reptilian humanoids, most popularly in South Carolina. Described as having glowing red eyes, scaly skin, 3 fingers and standing 7 feet tall.

A creepy cryptid referred to as the Reptoid has been reported in lots of places underground including someone who said he encountered them in a Missouri cave using some kind of hover crafts and this amazing report of people believing they live under LA in tunnels.

And, then, there is reptilian man -

And, with enough plastic surgery, one might be mistaken for reptilian with the hard smooth skin and pointed nose -

Are there really reptilians among us? I'm not sure there's any humans parading around who are lizard underneath, but I am quite certain that it's not a coincidence that people have complained of moth man, dog man, hairy man, horse-faced man, goat man and lizard man. There could be something to the sightings of lizard men. If you're intrigued by this subject, I highly suggest you check out this Reptoids site for all things Reptoid.

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