Monday, October 1, 2012

Planned EVP Session With Our Blogger Friend

John Wolfe's memorial.  I wrote that online memorial for a dear blogger friend named John. He read it before he passed. It got his wholehearted approval. He also vowed to make himself available for EVP sessions any time from the other side. He was a master of building home haunt props and making Halloween a traditionally spooky and magical time.

Julie and I, as his blogging friends, will be sitting down to do audio for an EVP session with John (the amazing author of the Season of Shadows blog), allowing him to give a message or say some words that can go back out into the Internet and keep him eternally alive every Halloween. We even dedicated our Zombie Housewives of the 1960s book to him and he was pleased we were going to do that. We decided to zombie-tize him and put him in front of the Munster's house because, knowing John so well, it was exactly what he'd want. 

John working on props for Halloween.

We will be airing the results of our EVP session here this month and hopefully John has a Halloween message for us all in the horror-loving blog world. We miss John more than we can say. He was truly the Godfather of Halloween. He had many giveaways and on my blog's lower right side you can find a button to contribute to his charity of choice. Yes, you can be into all the dark spooky stuff and have a heart of gold. John was the most beautiful human being inside and out and we hope to keep him going online every October. 

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