Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mind Fuck Tuesday: Don't Feed the Squatches!

This video put together by MK Davis from some evidence videos he has been evaluating, makes a case against the concept of feeding "gifting" Bigfoot. I am reminded of when I would hike in the Sierras and the Forest Service put up bulletin boards in the woods to remind people through photographs of what bears could do to campsites and cars if they sought some yummies.

It's entirely possible that Bigfoot have learned to live around humans to get some resources they might want to use as tools, for warmth, because they're curious about some of our trash and to utilize our crops and fish ponds as a potential food source, as well.

Rural farmers likely know the mysteries of large footprints in their crops, missing corn, empty castaway cobs, uprooted carrots. In such cases, properties might be desirable for a Bigfoot clan to visit frequently in the right seasons. This differs from a human coming outside, setting down a plate of food, offering it up for the Bigfoot. When one is gifted food, there is an assumption that this regular practice will continue, whereas crops as seen more as a natural source of food they can forage and gather themselves seasonally as they would in a stream or berry vines.

Is it wrong to gift Bigfoot with food? I don't think it's a good practice. Did you ever see the fat and aggressive birds in the parking lot of In&Out Burger carrying fries away in their beaks? We produce a situation in which humans are considered a source of cast-off food and aggressive behaviors can ensue including bear attacks on campgrounds.

Bigfoot has not shown a propensity to be aggressive, but in the right situations, their customs and thought processes might differ from ours, and if that homeowner doesn't bring that plate of peas and carrots again this evening, it might be considered perfectly fine for them to enter the home in search of their meal. It may not be aggressive behavior, but a cultural difference between upright beings. Either way, if a person wanted to "gift" a Bigfoot with food, making naturally growing sources available might be the kindest option.

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