Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mind Fuck Tuesday: Are Humans Becoming Self Aware?

Our DNA is the "computer" programming of our design. If we have duplications or deletions of chromosomes, we deviate from the healthy designed norm.  For all intents and purposes, man is a biological computer.

That man is now able to discern his DNA, observe it, learn how it works, what it controls and where it all goes right and wrong in our design, is a huge leap in mankind's knowledge of his self and of his origins.

Were the earlier man-like forms upon the earth what an alien race found when they arrived? Did they use that biological component to place the proper DNA within to allow us self awareness, intelligence, dexterity and upright posture?  

Did we "evolve" or did we "boot up?"

Man is being allowed to become "self aware" like a computer that realizes it is a machine and not a life form.  He is looking into his very blueprint and realizing his unique coding that makes him "other" from creatures on the planet.

If it is true what the Sumerians wrote of, that man was designed by the alien gods, are those alien gods "allowing" us self awareness now? And, if they are letting us look into our coding, does that mean they believe we are ready to meet?

Mind fuck: Humans are so unique on the earth in our intelligence, self-awareness, technology and understanding of the entire earth and its inhabitants, science and spirituality, that it appears as if humans are the aliens upon the earth.

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