Living the Goth Style: Original Dark Shadows

We have a resurgence among the Yuppie generation for their beloved childhood favorite show, "Dark Shadows." Even Hammer Films has begun putting out movies again with that feel to them like "Woman In Black" and "Wake Wood."

Did you ever feel like you were meant to live in the Victorian era on the moors amongst vampires? Well, let's see what we can do to make your life feel a bit more in sync with that alternative universe.

Clothing to look like Dark Shadows - try these -

Pyramid Collection

Clockwork Couture


Decorating you home? Try these - 

Music? Try these -

Soundtrack from original Dark Shadows -

Nox Arcana

Midnight Syndicate

Books?  Try these -

Movies and shows?  Try these -


  1. Hahaha. I order from Clockwork Couture and Pyramid collection.


    I incorporate small pieces of their clothing into my work wardrobe.

  2. I like the Pyramid Collection dress.....very cool.

  3. You forgot this...

  4. It acclimated to be that one could anticipate of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton as animal representations of a bonbon bar slogan: "Two abundant tastes that aftertaste abundant together." Cinematically, their collaborative efforts accept produced capricious degrees of abundant taste: "Edward Scissorhands", "Sleepy Hollow", "Sweeney Todd", and the like.


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