Hippie Chicks

We are happy to announce there are 3 ways you can own Zombie Housewives of the 1960s:
Black and white print
Color collectible print

You can also go to the Zombie Housewives Shop and find tons and tons and tons of items with the 1950s housewives logos, the 1960s housewives logos and zombie husband, kid and baby items.

We apparently inspired some more art -
Jeremy Hawkins, our favorite horror artist,
made a t-shirt commemorating Blossom and Colleen
You can get it here. 

Check out the other designs on his page and be sure to check out his blog -- I own a bunch of his art and I just love what he does with horror.

Here's our Hippie Chicks from the book - Blossom and Colleen -




  1. that is awesome... i think i want to see your book in full blown color, it's got to be trippy... thanks for the shout out, i am always inspired by you lovely ladies.


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