Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy Birthday To A Blogger Crush!

Happy birthday to one of my blogger crushes!

From time to time, because of the way a man blogs, I find myself obsessed with him and his mind. Yes, his mind. I'm one of those kinds of gals.

Barry at Gnostalgia and Attention Earthlings blogs has been not only a great supporter of GHT, but a dear and wise friend as well. Today, I'd like to wish him a happy birthday and many more that are even happier!

If you haven't been a follower of his, please jump on-board. His Gnostalgia site not only reviews paranormal and esoteric metaphysical books, but he also loves to knock around the para-shows. His Attention Earthlings site is old-style SciFi fun which is one of my addiction--those campy old SciFi movies!

He's a little bit steampunk, a little bit metaphysical and spiritual, a little bit goofy and adorable, and a great deal big-hearted and supportive. He has been one of my biggest motivators to write and get published because this critical book reviewer thought he saw potential in me that I needed to tap.

Thanks Barry and have a glorious day in your honor-it's long overdue!