Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ghost Hunters Tonight

"Paranormal Politics" The team investigates the Old State Capitol building in Baton Rouge, which has endured the Civil War; the team travels to Charleston, to investigate a plantation that has belonged to the same family for 15 generations.

I will be checking this one just because of the locations. They sound quite interesting.

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  1. On Season 8 Episode 18 of Ghost Hunters titled "Paranormal Politics", there is an orb that was not discussed by the team (so maybe they noticed it or maybe not). It is in the second half of the show (in the Magnolia Lane Plantation)& approx. 45 minutes into the whole show. Jason Gonsalves is sitting alone on the right side of the screen. A doorway is to the left on the screen. You can see the orb float from the right downwards towards the left & then it dissipates. I study orbs & in my opinion, this is not dust nor an insect of any kind. It has a distinct figure & shape. Look for it!