Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dying For Art

Amazingly talented artist, Luis Jimenez, was working on the 32-foot tall Blue Mustang for the Denver International Airport. A 9000-pound part of his creation broke off, fell on him, and severed and artery. He died. 

It has created a lot of controversy from locals and visitors both with its huge red glowing eyes and stance. It has even provoked a few interesting Haiku's and websites.

Big blue horse beckons
Fiery, red eyes glowering
Good bye one horse town.

Some frightened people called it "Satan's Stallion" or "Bluecifer."  

Seriously, if a piece of art can be this Godzilla-like impressive, this stunningly beautiful, and upset a few citizens, I am totally a fan!

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  1. I've seen some of his work. There are a couple of large (albeit not THIS large) works on display at the University of Oklahoma. One, called Mesteno, is similar to this: it's a giant horse painted and tricked out like a lowrider with glitter paint and airbrushing. You either love these things or think they are about the tackiest objects ever.